My At Home Creative Space

Follow me as I transform our spare multipurpose room of the house into my own creative space!

Part 1: Questions

WHAT? My first question was “what am I wanting to do in my creative space?”

WHY? My second question was “why do I want to make a separate creative space?”

HOW? My last question was “how will I implement a creative space with our current living situation and set up?”

To read my answers to the previous questions, continue below:

What am I wanting to do in my creative space? I want to use this space for recording videos, making art, playing video games, and working.

Why do I want to make a separate creative space? Currently my “creative space” resides in our bedroom, I will discuss that more below, so I would like to separate my work space from our relaxing space. The bedroom fills cluttered and often this really takes away from us having a peaceful area for sleep and rest.

How will I implement a creative space with our learning situation and set up? We share a multi generational family home with my mom and grandma so everyone has their own areas of the house. At the moment we reside primarily in half of the upstairs aside from our common areas. Fortunately, we have a spare room that has been doubling as a “guest room” and “exercise room” with a hint of “storage space” sprinkled in. The family agreed that we can repurpose this space thus leading to my idea for a “creative space” of my own. I’d love to separate my working area from my sleeping and relaxing area.

Part 2: Planning/Drafting

I made myself some notes about what were important things I wanted to have easy access to. I’m going to let you in on my brain dump below:

Supplies i want/need easy access to:

I am still in the process of drawing up some blue print ideas for the room layout and making a list of furniture I will be adding to the room. When I have them completed I will add them to this post as those are important starting points for this home project!

Visual Blue Print Draft: COMING SOON
Before Picture: COMING SOON

If you are considering adding a creative space to your home, or have done so already, I’d love to hear about your recommended products and organization tips! Feel free to reach out or share a comment if you have any words of wisdom for me as I begin this process. I am so excited to share the progress and final product as I continue to transform the room from an extra space to a creative one!

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