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  • Art Class Mantra

    How I use an art class mantra to set expectations in my elementary art classroom! I got the idea for creating my own art class mantra from an Instagram user, artroomglitterfairy! Link to her profile below: artroomglitterfairy Instragram My art class mantra started from my districts own values for their students. Here you will first […]

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    Headspace in the Art Room

    I’m going to share with you how I use Headspace in the my elementary art classroom! First off if you are a teacher or supporting staff at a school, then you can get a Headspace subscription for free! Below you will find a link to the sign up and the blurb about this subscription from […]

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    Everglazed Review – Disney Springs

    Nothing like coffee and donuts to get your Disney day started right? RIGHT, and if you haven’t checked out Everglazed in Disney Springs then you need to make a quick trip ASAP! On our most recent trip we popped our heads in to check out the menu here at Everglazed. We were welcomed with fun […]

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    Theme Park Daily Planner Printable

    I’ve listed a new item in my Etsy shop! This new product is a Printable – Theme Park Daily Planner. This is perfect for making your theme park vacation a breeze. I am personally using this printable to plan our multiple Disney vacations for this year and the simplistic design makes it super simple to […]

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    Crumbl Cookie Reviews

    Welcome to my consistently updated Crumbl Cookie Review page! I will be constantly adding new photos and flavor reviews as I continue to try more. ENJOY! For anyone unfamiliar with Crumbl Cookies, they have a rotating list of weekly flavors! There are a few staple flavors that appear weekly but most of the flavors are […]

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    The Adriatic Cafe Review

    We had a lovely family lunch at the Adriatic Cafe this weekend. This wasn’t our first time eating there, but I felt like it would be fun to provide a review on my blog since I haven’t yet. I know this review won’t be for everyone, but if you are looking for good Italian food […]

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    My At Home Creative Space

    Follow me as I transform our spare multipurpose room of the house into my own creative space! Part 1: Questions WHAT? My first question was “what am I wanting to do in my creative space?” WHY? My second question was “why do I want to make a separate creative space?” HOW? My last question was […]

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    Top 3 Things I Like About The World Showcase Countries

    Today I am coming at you with my Top 3 Favorite Things in each of the World Showcase Pavilions at Epcot! Let’s jump right in, follow me on an adventure around the world! By the way, we ALWAYS go left when entering the World Showcase and start with Mexico. I don’t know if anyone out […]

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    Workout Refocus Part 1 – Activity

    Setting Intention I wanted to talk a little about my plan for getting refocused on my health and fitness journey in this blog post. For years and years I have battled inconsistency in the my healthy eating habits and my workout routines! I often make excuses for why I can’t get something done or why […]

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    Art Caddy System

    How I use art table caddies in my Elementary art classroom! For my table caddies, I am using the rainbow colored caddies from Target! See link to the current available stock below: Target Caddies The inventory online often changes, but they release these in store near the start of the school year. I collected my rainbow […]