Blue Bell Creameries

If you find yourself in or around Brenham, Texas you must check this place out!

We visited the Blue Bell Brenham Creamery last summer, during the pandemic, and this is how it went for us. Please note, there is also a location in Sylacauga, Alabama as well but we have not visited that location.

We first checked out the Visitors Center to inquire about a tour and to check out the Blue Bell museum portion. At the time of our visit, unfortunately they were not providing tours. We did get to walk through the museum though, which includes a timeline from the beginnings of the company until the present. You can read up on a little of their history online by following the link below:

After checking out the museum and learning about the history, we walked over to their second building next door. This building contained a baseball museum downstairs. Upstairs it contains the Observation Deck, Ice Cream Parlor, Country Store, and Restrooms. After roaming around the baseball museum downstairs we continued upstairs to the best part!

You are not allowed to take pictures on the observation deck, so we have no photos to show, but that portion was open for public viewing once you arrive upstairs. From there you will see the ice cream being made and packaged! We really enjoyed this part and surprisingly spent a good amount of time examining and discussing the processes we were seeing! The staff there are very friendly and wave up to the patrons watching.

Don’t forget to pick up a paper hat and pose for pictures in front of the “freezer” photo op upstairs too! See my photo from this spot below:

Post photo op and observation deck viewing, we checked out the Country Store which is also upstairs! They had lots of cute Blue Bell and Texas related souvenirs. Lots of smaller, tourist friendly options too!

Okay, now the moment you’ve been waiting to hear about, the Ice Cream Parlor


Yes, you heard me right… one dollar per scoop! Oh, and these aren’t just any little ole scoops either… We opted to try 3 flavors before seeing the scoop size and my husband and I could not even finish them! See what we SCOOPED UP on our visit (pun totally intended) below:

From left to right: Blackberry Cobbler, Banana Pudding, and Peachy Peach (a creamery parlor exclusive). 

They also informed us the flavors rotate seasonally, so if you are local or close enough to make the drive, check out the special flavors by season!

Overall, our experience was very pleasant at The Creamery! We spent a portion of the afternoon there and really enjoyed ourselves, and the ice cream of course. With many Spring Breaks coming up… don’t skip this hidden gem attraction in Brenham, Texas! 


If you are in town for the day and want to hit up a good lunch spot prior to your ice cream dessert, check out Nathan’s BBQ! We checked them out prior to our visit to The Creamery. We loved them so much we actually chose them as our wedding caterers for our wedding we just had in December! 

If you do stop in, I recommend you try the Brisket, Broccoli Salad, Cole Slaw, Twice Baked Potatoes, and Macaroni and Cheese! 

I’ll also link Nathan’s menu below:

Thanks for the read, have a peachy time!

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