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    Theme Park Daily Planner Printable

    I’ve listed a new item in my Etsy shop! This new product is a Printable – Theme Park Daily Planner. This is perfect for making your theme park vacation a breeze. I am personally using this printable to plan our multiple Disney vacations for this year and the simplistic design makes it super simple to […]

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    My At Home Creative Space

    Follow me as I transform our spare multipurpose room of the house into my own creative space! Part 1: Questions WHAT? My first question was “what am I wanting to do in my creative space?” WHY? My second question was “why do I want to make a separate creative space?” HOW? My last question was […]

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    Workout Refocus Part 1 – Activity

    Setting Intention I wanted to talk a little about my plan for getting refocused on my health and fitness journey in this blog post. For years and years I have battled inconsistency in the my healthy eating habits and my workout routines! I often make excuses for why I can’t get something done or why […]

  • Product Review Intro

    Product reviews for many things will live here! Let’s face it, we all are consumers. What we buy of course varies, as for me, I buy anything and everything that has a good sales pitch. If even think I may need it, and it’s a good deal, I will usually purchase the product. I want […]

  • Home Decor & More Intro

    Home decor and more will all live here! Something new in my life is decorating around the house. I haven’t always cared about decorating or changing up a space, but more recently I have loved learning more about interior design. I also enjoy decorating for ALL the holidays and am continuously building up my holiday […]

  • Hobbies Intro

    All my hobbies will live here! This category is going to be broad. I have a lot of hobbies that all get minimal attention from me, since there are so many. While I love sharing ALL OF THEM, I didn’t think I needed 20 categories to share them in. So I will be sharing them […]

  • Good Times Intro

    Good times i’ve had will live here! This category is more of a general location for personal events and experiences I have that I want to share. I needed a place to share the adventures that won’t quite fit anywhere else. Join me here as we journey through life together living out all the good […]