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Everglazed Review – Disney Springs

Nothing like coffee and donuts to get your Disney day started right? RIGHT, and if you haven’t checked out Everglazed in Disney Springs then you need to make a quick trip ASAP!

On our most recent trip we popped our heads in to check out the menu here at Everglazed. We were welcomed with fun colors, great smells, and a delicious looking menu with fair prices! I wanted to highlight the items we had the opportunity of trying and also wanted to encourage you to check this place out for yourself. We will definitely be making a trip back again and again. 

First I will share this seasonal specialty item in case you have the chance to make it there before it is gone. As part of this summer’s “Flavors of Florida” menu (there are special items at various restaurants in Disney Springs) we tried the Orange Lemonade! This was the PERFECT cool down treat to grab and walk around The Springs with. It is described as a “Lemonade with Orange Juice Cold Foam”. It was creamy, light, and refreshing in flavor. If you can grab on before they are gone, do so! My only advice is to try and mix in the cold foam – we had trouble getting to the actual beverage prior to an attempt at mixing it all up. Once it melted together in the Florida heat, it was honestly more enjoyable. This Orange Lemonade rings in at $6.50.

PEACH POINTS: 7/10 for refreshing flavor, but lost some points for “drinkability” with the cold foam.

We did also get to enjoy a nice breakfast at Everglazed one morning. I forgot to grab a picture of Bill’s “Breakfast Burger” but I did snap a pick of my “Classic Egg & Cheese”. I opted to add a side of waffle fries which was a SPLENDID choice on my part. 

Price Breakdown Intermission:

Breakfast Burger (not pictured)$11.00 Single burger patty, topped with an egg, American cheese, and mayo.

Classic Egg & Cheese$8.00 Sweet bun with two eggs topped with American cheese.

Side of Waffle Fries $6.00

Bill added something else to his meal which was a bit “heavier” and I’ll share that momentarily. Back to my Egg & Cheese though, I really really loved this sandwich even with it’s simplicity. I am a big sauce girl – I put sauce on EVERYTHING I consume it feels like… And this sandwich needed no sauce! The cheese was perfectly melted and the sweet bun it came on balanced that sweet and salty combo people always look for. If you grab a breakfast sandwich here I highly recommend the sweet bun option AND adding a side of crispy waffle fries.

Classic Egg & Cheese PEACH POINTS: 9/10 because I would eat this breakfast sandwich everyday if I could.

Waffle Fries PEACH POINTS: 9/10 because they were fresh and crispy and the perfect serving size to accompany my breakfast sandwich.

I mentioned Bill’s add on earlier and here it was! He opted to try the “Peanut Butter Explosion” donut from the “Funky Bunch” section of the donut menu. I really regret not grabbing me a donut to at least take on the road, but I just didn’t have the room in my tummy or the time to go back another day. Bill enjoyed his donut though and felt it was the right amount of sweetness with a balance of chocolate and peanut butter. If you are a Reese’s fan then this is probably the choice for you. The Funky Bunch single donuts ring in at $5.75 for a single and they are well worth the price. This picture does not do justice to the size of the donut.

Lastly on my review list for this trip, I washed down my breakfast sandwich and fries with an ice cold coffee. This particular drink is the “Salted Caramel Cold Brew” and it cost me $6.50. I feel this is a very fair price for the quality of the drink and the size you get. This cold brew is mixed with cream then topped with salted caramel syrup and whipped cream to finish. If you enjoy taking a chance on new coffee options, please consider trying Everglazed, they have plenty of flavor options and other drink styles too.

PEACH POINTS: 8/10 for being a great coffee option with good flavor in a wonderful size for the price.

We will for sure be making our way back to Everglazed on our next trip. If you are interested in checking the menu out before you go, you can follow the link below to the Disney website with more information.

What do you like to get on your visit to Everglazed? If you have donut recommendations, I would love to hear them! 🙂

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