Food Reviews Intro

Food and restaurant reviews will live here!

I will be reviewing various foods I try, in this category. I may also talk about restaurant ambiance if it is worth noting. I love to eat and try new foods around town and on our vacations! I have a big sweet tooth so I often am trying yummy desserts too!

My favorite meal to get is a burger and fries, so if the restaurant offers that option I most likely will be trying it! Another thing that is a staple for me is cheese quesadillas. I know, pretty silly because they are just tortillas and cheese, but it has almost become a “must do” at any Mexican restaurant. I may just have to make a special “cheese quesadilla category for that”!

I will also leave reviews given to be by my husband or friends when applicable. We all have different variety of foods we like and I am rarely grabbing a bite to eat alone. I plan to use a rating scale of “peach points” across my blog, so be on the look out for how many “peach points” a food or restaurant receives!

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