Lesson Plan Intro

elementary art lesson plans will be living here!

If you are here, you are probably a teacher! I will be sharing my elementary art lesson plans here. To build my lesson plans, I usually pull from multiple lessons (which I will cite here when I do) or I just create my own original idea.

I am a Texas based teacher so I will be sharing the “TEKS” I use with my lesson plans. I also will share the “Learning Intention” and “Success Criteria” for you as well. My school is a Standards Based Grading campus so we use a rating system that is as follows: Developing, Progressing, Proficient, Advanced. Our students, young and old, often have a pretty good idea about where they fall on the scale based on their project. I will share my “grading criteria” for these ratings too, so in summary, that is what I am looking for on the project.

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