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Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen Review


You are walking through Magic Kingdom and are wanting a nice sit down restaurant to eat at. Looking to get some food in your belly, a relaxing place to sit, and a Florida fan favorite – air conditioning. Strolling through Adventureland you see the Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen! Curious about what dishes the Jungle Navigation Crews are chowing down on during their break, you decide to book a reservation! 

Follow me on a visual and written guide through our first experience at the Jungle Navigation Skipper Canteen in Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World. 

Please Note: As an Annual Passholder you are able to use your discount at this location, they will take off 10% on food and non alcoholic beverages (excluding alcohol, tax, and gratuity).

SPOILER ALERT: it may have been our first, but won’t be our last!

Below you can read the online Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen Menu


First Up, Appetizer: Brazilian Cheese Bread

My husband and I started off with the Brazilian Cheese Bread, and it was absolutely wonderful. When we went they told us this was a “Chef’s Special” as it is not listed on the menu directly. I would totally ask to see if it is available at the time of your visit! Because it is not listed on the menu, I cannot remember the price we paid for this dish. The bread was crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside. The dipping sauce had a great flavor as well! The appetizer came out very quickly and still tasted nice and fresh! We highly recommend this if available. 

Grayden’s Peach Points: 10/10 – nothing we would change at all, would order again

I opted for the Adventureland Colada to drink

The Adventureland Colada is a non-alcoholic tropical beverage, that is very delicious and creamy! This drink is made with Pineapple Dole Whip that is blended with coconut cream and passion fruit. Per the online menu it is listed as $9.00, before any applied discounts. I found this to be worth the price though, as it was sweet and filling. It also was a great flavor compliment to the meal for me personally.

Risa’s Entree: “Taste Like Chicken” Because it is!

I ordered the “Taste Like Chicken” Because it is! plate. This included crispy-fried chicken with a sweet chili glaze, stir-fried vegetables and seasoned rice. The cuisine at Skipper Canteen is not what I usually choose on a day to day basis personally, so for me this was the most natural meal choice for myself. I enjoyed it, however, I am weird about meat and also don’t love stir-fried vegetables depending on what’s included. As a picky eater, overall this dish was good and I’m sure it would be more enjoyable to someone who enjoys this flavor palette. I finished it though and felt like it was very flavorful and filling. This entree is listed online as being priced at $25.00, before any applied discounts.

Risa’s Peach Points: 7/10 – good but not my personal favorite only because I’m picky, would probably be rated much higher by someone else lol

Bill’s Entree: “Hardy Har Char” Siu Pork

Bill chose the “Hardy Har Char” Siu Pork, this dish includes Char Siu-Marinated Pork served with Seasonal Vegetables and Jasmine Rice. The price of this meal is $26.00, before applied discounts. Bill felt like it was worth it, and as someone who enjoys this flavor profile of food, he very much enjoyed it. He felt like the pork was cooked great and like the flavor of the marinade. He said he would definitely eat this dish, and at this restaurant again! This instantly became one of his favorites and we ate at quite a few places on this trip.

Bill’s Peach Points: TBA

Finisher, Dessert: Kungaloosh!

The Kungaloosh! was a great way to finish our meal. This is an African inspired chocolate cake with caramelized bananas. It is topped with cashew ice cream and coffee dust. I feel like “fancy” desserts are always smaller than others, so I won’t talk too much about the size. However, as a dessert lover I felt like this was a little small when I first saw it. This sits at $9.00, before any applied discounts. I definitely felt like my $9.00 drink was more worth that price than this dessert. Just a note for you if you find yourself needing to choose between two items with the same price. 

However, size aside, this dessert was made with love and care and tasted delicious. The chocolate is pretty rich so I will say that for a small dessert it packs quite a punch. Despite size after the other filling dishes in our meal, Bill and I split this dessert. It did not have an overwhelming coffee taste either, for those who don’t love coffee the way I do, and the caramelized bananas were a wonderful touch!

Grayden’s Peach Points: 8/10 – really good, a little steep in price for the size, good flavors and rich chocolate

Bonus Dessert: Chocolate Cherry Cake Ball

We received a mystery bonus dessert on our visit, we were on this trip celebrating our honeymoon, so I think this was gifted to us in honor of that! I have NO information on this dessert though. I tried looking up online to see if anyone else had received this or even talked about it, but I had no luck. From what I remember, it was some kind of chocolate cake with a cherry drizzle. It was small but complimentary and thoughtful, so I definitely wanted to include it in this review! 

Thank you to the Cast Member(s) who spread this extra magic for us!

Final Thoughts:

Even for being someone who typically does not pick this style of food as my first option, our experience in the Mess Hall at the Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen was above and beyond! 

Grayden’s Overall Peach Points: 9/10

The server was very attentive and comical. It was very immersive in terms of theming. I got the chance to share some Disney lore with my husband which was fun, thanks to all the “easter eggs” related to the Jungle Navigation Co. and Society of Explorers and Adventures. If you are looking for those 3 key things I talked about in my intro AND MORE, I would check out the Skipper Canteen. We found it VERY easy to get reservations day of and were extremely pleased with the food and service overall

Leave a comment if you have eaten at the Skipper Canteen or if you plan to check it out on your next trip! Don’t forget to show your Annual Passholder card to receive 10% off.

Thanks for the read and STAY PEACHY!

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