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    My At Home Creative Space

    Follow me as I transform our spare multipurpose room of the house into my own creative space! Part 1: Questions WHAT? My first question was “what am I wanting to do in my creative space?” WHY? My second question was “why do I want to make a separate creative space?” HOW? My last question was […]

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    Art Caddy System

    How I use art table caddies in my Elementary art classroom! For my table caddies, I am using the rainbow colored caddies from Target! See link to the current available stock below: Target Caddies The inventory online often changes, but they release these in store near the start of the school year. I collected my rainbow […]

  • Hobbies Intro

    All my hobbies will live here! This category is going to be broad. I have a lot of hobbies that all get minimal attention from me, since there are so many. While I love sharing ALL OF THEM, I didn’t think I needed 20 categories to share them in. So I will be sharing them […]