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    Headspace in the Art Room

    I’m going to share with you how I use Headspace in the my elementary art classroom! First off if you are a teacher or supporting staff at a school, then you can get a Headspace subscription for free! Below you will find a link to the sign up and the blurb about this subscription from […]

  • Teacher Organization Intro

    Teacher Organization tips and tricks will live here! I will be sharing organization strategies that work in my elementary art classroom! I see a school of 1000+ students ranging from grades Pre-K to Fifth. The tips I share are of course what work best for me in my classroom, but I encourage you to adapt […]

  • Lesson Plan Intro

    elementary art lesson plans will be living here! If you are here, you are probably a teacher! I will be sharing my elementary art lesson plans here. To build my lesson plans, I usually pull from multiple lessons (which I will cite here when I do) or I just create my own original idea. I […]